New oak products now available

Over the past month or so I’ve managed to get a number of new oak products finished and up on the website. Moving away from the smaller homeware products and more into the furniture and outdoor ideas that I’ve always imagined Oak House to make.
I designed 2 solid oak planters (quite a while ago) which are now planted up and looking rather splendid – I like to try to design products that look a little different to similar items that are available.

I also finished this chunky English oak coffee table, I’m really happy with how this looks and the warmth of the grain of the table top. It was finished with multiple coats of danish oil and 3 coats of finishing wax – it’s the first time I’ve combined the 2 finishes and I’m extremely pleased with how it looks now.

Lastly, I’ve finally had the time to finish and install these oak and leather shelves. I’ve had lots of lovely feedback on many of my products but these really seem to of struck a cord with many people and it’s been lovely to receive such good feedback on a product you’ve designed and made.

You can find info on all of the above products on the website. Everything is made to order so I can make to different sizes if required – just get in touch!
Next up: I have a couple of bespoke projects about to start which I’m really looking forward to…you can find out more and see my progress by following along in the usual places; find and follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.