Preparation for the MK Handmade and Vintage Extravaganza in Milton Keynes!

Since I last wrote, preparation for the MK Handmade and Vintage Extravaganza has been full steam ahead. A lot has happened in the past three weeks, after spending my first full day in the workshop, I managed a further six days on the bounce and a couple more after that. It was great to be able to see how productive I could be when making in bulk. As well as everything I planed on my first day, I also planed and machined to thickness another coffee table top and the legs for both tables as well as some bookends and doorstops. The rest of the time has been spent finishing all of these products.

The process involves:

Sanding, cutting to length, branding, a final sand, cutting and punching leather (for respective handles), marking and drilling the oak for these handles, oiling and finally putting the handles on.

After ten days, I have managed to produce serving boards, bookends, doorstops, shelves and a couple of outdoor coffee tables. What’s even better is that everything other than the coffee tables has been made using English Oak – I love being able to use locally sourced oak wherever possible.

Other than fitting a few handles on a couple of items tomorrow, I am ready to box everything up, load it into the van and head to The Centre:MK. I am sharing a stall with my very talented other half Claire of Claire Wilson Designs who has helped me massively with tonnes of fine tuning getting ready for this weekend including flyers, price lists, care info, the list goes on….

We are both really looking forward to what will hopefully be a very busy and productive weekend. If you’re reading this and fancy a trip out this weekend then come and say hi, there are 128 stalls in total with a rich variety of handmade and vintage giftable items.

You can follow our progress this weekend on:




As always wish us luck!


Hello and welcome to Oak House!

Hey and welcome to my brand new blog!

I’m Henry and I’m the woodworking craftsman behind Oak House. I design and hand craft oak and leather homeware products, as well as oak and steel outdoor furniture.

Oak House Logo

Oak House has been in the making for over two years and in April 2016, I became a little impatient whilst waiting for my workshop to be built and started to make some products in my garden.

In the four months since then, I have been extremely busy, running my other business as a landscape gardener, taking a much needed holiday and spending any free time I have fine tuning my first batch of hand made products:

This brand new, unique collection of homeware products will be available to purchase from my Etsy shop very soon so please stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the Oak House brand!Oak House Branding Iron

In the meantime, you can find and follow me on Twitter & Instagram for the all the latest news and to see what I’m currently working on in my garden workshop.