My latest bespoke oak project is complete!

I have just finished my first major bespoke oak project and I love it!

When I started the business just over a year ago from my garden, I never really thought that I would be interested in building bespoke pieces but it’s amazing how your ideas and interests can change as the business evolves. And I now find myself really looking forward to my next two bespoke projects. What’s really good is seeing the design come to life in front of your eyes. It’s also great to be able to look at the end product and if anything the finished piece looking better than it does on paper.

Bespoke Oak Project - Banquette Seating

The idea for the banquette came about because of the layout of the kitchen and the need for some built in seating with various bits of storage. There’s storage for a couple of pairs of shoes, right by the back door. There areĀ also lift up lids fitted on two sections of seating and lastly, there will be a handmade wine rack at the other end (but is currently being used for gin storage instead!)- what more could anyone want?!

The back rest is made of oak, I made the cladding out of various bits that I had lying around the workshop. It was a great way to use up the random sizes.

Below are a few images of the work in progress:

If you’re interested in any bespoke work like this then please feel free to get in touch!

Onto the next project we go…

Speak soon,