Latest bespoke projects

I can’t believe I’ve not updated this since June last year! I’ve been lucky enough to work on a variety of bespoke projects over the last eight months…

These include bespoke indoor and outdoor work, along with some finer joinery and an interesting deck or two.

Let’s start indoors shall we; I’ve made a storage cupboard that sits under some of my shelves and also ties in with the banquette seating that I’ve previously made.


My little sister got married in December and I couldn’t resist making them a cheese board for their cheese cake.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Roundhill Photography

I was commissioned to design and make a built in oak storage unit and log store, this was great fun and a massive learning curve! Installing in any house can be hard work, but this certainly pushed me. I’m happy to say that the clients loved it as do I.

I was also commissioned recently to make an indoor solid oak coffee table. This has just been delivered to its new home and the clients were thrilled with their new piece of furniture.

The end of last summer, I managed to finish my first outdoor kitchen space which included a BBQ and worktop with some storage underneath. I really enjoyed making this along with laying the locally sourced limestone for the base.

I worked on a large deck and outdoor kitchen space with Matthew Ellett, a friend and landscaper last summer that looked amazing when finished and I’d definitely love to work on more projects like this in the future.

Photo Credit: Matthew Ellett Limited

My most recent job was another deck, using scaffold boards and counter sinking the stainless fixings and then plugging the holes with oak pellets. The deck was cut in around a curved stone wall and I’m really pleased with the outcome, as were the clients. They¬†asked if this was a labour of love and I guess it is!

So it’s been quite a busy few months and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of projects that I’ve been able to work on.

I’m looking forward to the weather improving and to the next chapter of this journey!

Speak soon,