First sale in my Oak House Etsy Shop!

I can’t quite believe that it’s been over 2 weeks since my Oak House Etsy shop went live. Between the middle of July and the end of September, I spent on average a day a week working from home on Oak House. This included making all the products that you can see in my shop and sourcing the materials. Leather from Northampton, brass screws and brass caps – I never knew it would be so difficult to source some decent looking brass caps! And also choosing the right oil for the various items.

Oak House Leather Pile


Claire and I also worked hard on the business stationery (when I say “I”, it generally means that I just agreed with what Claire said and did!).

I’m really pleased with the final branding and hope you agree she did a great job.


I also spent time sourcing packaging for the various products, so we now have a spare room that houses different sized flat packed cardboard boxes and foam packaging.

In the 2 weeks since my Oak House Etsy shop went live, it has had what I feel is a lot of views (a few hundred) and I’ve also had my very first Etsy sale which is great.

First Sale in my Oak House Etsy Shop!

I’ve since been doing a spot of research on how you go about converting views into sales.

Oak House Product Collection available to buy from my Oak House Etsy Shop
Oak Homeware Collection available to buy from my Oak House Etsy Shop

I have to keep reminding myself though that;

1) I run another business which is stupidly busy at the moment

2) The fact that my other business is busy is a good thing as it pays the bills and it will allow me to spend the odd day at home or in the new workshop every now and again to make new products

3) Success doesn’t come overnight (but hopefully within 18 months!)

Cheers for now, H