Handmade oak and leather homeware products now available to buy from Oak House!

So after what seems like a lifetime and probably is in fact more than 650 days, I can finally say that Oak House is officially up and running!

I now have a limited quantity of stock FOR SALE in my very own Etsy shop – exciting times.

These include serving boards, bookends and mantle clocks. I have also made some green oak door stops and am currently working on the designs of some oak and leather wine bottle holders.

The wine bottle holders will use up the last of the oak that I picked up from Oxford Oak a little while ago. My next batch of oak will hopefully be very local and planked for me over the next month or so. It would also allow me to make some larger items including coffee tables, outdoor dining tables and benches, as well as the current Oak House home ware products from any offcuts. An exciting six months lies ahead which will hopefully involve lots of making.

I’d like to thank all of you that have read this blog and those of you who have liked, commented or shared any of my pictures on Instagram and Twitter. It’s a great feeling to know that people actually like what you do.

The biggest thank you has to go to my other half, Claire, who has been nothing short of amazing in helping me get the business off the ground. Over the last 3 to 4 months she has put some serious hours in which I truly appreciate.

I hope you all enjoy having a browse around my Etsy shop and if you happen to buy anything than that’s a huge bonus and thank you!

Sanding Selfie!

Cheers, H


Why Homeware Products?

When coming up with business ideas a few years ago, it was always the intention to start making oak outdoor furniture as well as log stores and possibly sheds, helping to tie in with the job I have done for over 10 years.

Ideas and designs were completed of tables, benches, stools, planters, and log stores.

Outdoor Product SketchesHowever the really tricky part was finding a suitable workshop, close to home and within a (tight) budget. I have since managed to find somewhere, although a few minor issues means I’m not quite up and running in it yet. Hence the homeware products, Claire and I started looking at ideas of products I could make from off cuts.

Homeware Product SketchesThe idea is that I would make an item of furniture and then out of the off cuts I could make functional homeware items that also looked good if left on display. I spoke to my friend at Oxford Oak, Rodas Irving, who very kindly let me rummage through his burn pile and I came home with seasoned English and European oak so that I could start making.

Salvaged OffcutsA lot of this oak is full of character; brown oak that looks like it almost has chocolate running through the grain, knots, cats paws and sometimes even the odd small split.

Wood Character detailsThe plan is to still make furniture but to also have the homeware products too, that will help dramatically reduce any waste.

We are a very close to being ready to open the Etsy shop; boxes have arrived, mineral oil has been chosen and we are just waiting on a few promotional materials to arrive.

We hope to have some stock online with the next 2 weeks so keep checking back for updates! Don’t forget you can also find and follow me on Twitter and Instagram so keep up with the all latest news and products.

Oak Homeware Products

Cheers, H